HARRY BRINKMAN, an exceptional boat racer, was best and widely known for his excellent engine building skill and knowledge. He owned and operated CMRS Marine shop in Leesburg, Indiana. I was only a very minor customer of his but his fair treatment of me still stands out in my mind. Once I bought a set of pistons from him. When they arrived, along with the pistons was a set of piston rings and a note apologizing for a minor defect on one of the pistons and an offer of a full refund. The piston rings were compensation for my trouble. The defect was so minor that I had a hard time finding anything at all! That experience said two things about Harry to me, Class and Honor. This posting is meant as a mark of my respect. He was a man of genuine honor.

Along with building engines and supplying parts to racers all over the country Harry also published " HOW TO MODIFY YOUR MERCURY OUTBOARD MOTOR " an engine building manual beginning in the 1970's, upgrading it from time to time. These manuals are significant to boat racing historians and enthusiasts.

I own three copies of these manuals, an early first version, the Manual Number #2 version and my most valued copy was a gift of Harry's Shop Copy that he sent to me while we were discussing posting his manual here about a year before his passing. At that time I chose to pass on posting the Manual. I had two reasons for doing so, first was that I wanted and encouraged Harry to upgrade his manual. My second reason was that in talking with Harry it was clear that his struggle with MSA was a horrendous, incredible burden. I didn't want in any way to make it worse. Reproduced here is my purchased copy of version # 2. If time permits I'll try and post the others.

It should be noted that the information posted here is at least 17 years old at this time. This in no way diminishes the value of Harry's knowledge and advice.